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Agriculture on principle is a noble trade for it is the backbone of our sustenance. In 2009 we began our journey in agro-farming sector. Continuous support of our customers from far and wide encouraged us to form a corporate entity as ‘Valueman Organic Agritech Private Limited’ in 2012. We subsequently establsihed our company into an end to end supply of organic agricultural inputs and its alled sectors.

Since its inception at the dawn of civilization, farming has been much more than a mere mean of earning a livelihood to mankind. Basically, agriculture is an eloquent expression of an affectionate attachment in between man and nature just like mother and child. However, in view of unprecedented ‘population explosion’ as observed by economists and agronomist had to go through a sea of changes.

As inevitable consequences, four essential concerns – eventual infertility of the land, the hazardous feature of food it produces, impact on the people’s health and the severe damage to nature at large – are ignored. When we discovered the grim ground realities in agribusiness, what literary shook us from deep within was the silent weeping of soil, traumatized under the vice-like grip of so called ‘green revolution’ which slowly but surely is turning out to be the ‘Nemesis’ ,the Greek goddess of revenge, to our surrounds. Nevertheless, we did not give in to desperation at all .The trying time prompted us to come up with a robust value based system so that past mistakes can be erased with well-thought-out corrective measure from present with an eye to a promising future above everything else.

The very mention of the name ‘VALUEMAN’ evokes an impression of a healer who preaches and practice affirmative values among our farmer friends. These are the values that save mankind from an unseen slow-poisoning due to adulterated crop. Thus, on principle we deserve to be known as ‘valueman’ out of our pride of performance. So, unlike others we provide only quality nourishing agricultural inputs to farmers that ensure quality farm output in view of genuine wellness for all. Thus we ensure flow of vigor from farm to fork.

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